Law firm WASSENICH barristers

Founded by Maitre Claude Wassenich in 1975, the law firm Wassenich profits from 40 years of experience and knowledge of the local structures. Over the years it has grown to an establishment combining human values and professional performance.

With the main focus on delivering the best assistance to his clients Claude Wassenich has continuously broadened the range of his services and has increased the number of his partners.

Today the firm profits from its experienced and talented litigating lawyers and specific and additional competencies. The range of services is broad and serves all jurisdictions combining expertise in civil, criminal, labour, administrative and social law.

The partners of the Law Firm Wassenich are competitive and skilled and expertise in building trustworthy relationships with their clients providing them with advice and solutions tailored to serve their individual needs. By respecting this philosophy each expert adapts to their clients’ needs in order to offer the best dispositions.

Claude Wassenich and his co-workers are multilingual and multidisciplinary and therefore guarantee a trustworthy environment and focus on your individual needs since they perfectly understand queries in French, German, Luxemburgish or English.


The Law Firm Wassenich covers a large number of disciplines. Its lawyers are experts in the following fields:

  1. Litigation
  2. Administrative Law
  3. Civil Law
  4. Business Law
  5. Construction and Engineering Law
  1. Aliens Legislation
  2. Family Law
  3. Real Estate and Litigation Law
  4. Youth Law
  5. Criminal Law
  1. Social Law
  2. Corporate Law
  3. Labour Law
  4. Transportation Law

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